FREE Full-size Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion

vaselineintensivecarefreeHURRY to get a FREE Full Size Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion bottle by filling out this form. This will get you a free full size 10oz Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion product sample. (One per household). Continue Reading …

Free Sirius XM Radio

Santa's In Da HouseIf you have an inactive SiriusXM radio as a stand alone device or installed your car you can listen for free from November 19th to December 2, 2014. Continue Reading …

Free LAY’S STAX Crisps coupon

laysstaxcrispys Every Thursday night until December 18 Lay’s will be giving away Free STAX Chips coupons during the Thursday night football game.  Each game will have a different trigger event for when the free coupon for the Pringle’s alternative will go live:

November 13, 2014     8:25 p.m.     First Scoring Play of the Game*
November 20, 2014     8:25 p.m.     First Completed Pass of the Game
December 4, 2014     8:25 p.m.     First Down of the Game**
December 11, 2014     8:25 p.m.     First Scoring Play of the Game*
December 18, 2014     8:25 p.m.     First Completed Pass of the Game

Lay’s Facebook Page

Previous Promotions:

Every Thursday through December 12 during the Thursday night football game, Lays will post a “Fire Drill Alert” on their Facebook page 15 minutes after the first scoring play(touchdown, field goal or safety) during that game. The first 1,000 who visit the fire drill app on Facebook when that happens will get a coupon for a Lays Stax freebie. Let us know below in the comments how you think this compares to Pringles!!

3-cent tooth whitener plus 7 other surprising hydrogen peroxide uses

benefitshydrogenperoxideWhiten teeth
Instead of unloading serious cash at the drugstore for whitening mouthwash, try three-percent hydrogen peroxide, which you’ll find on drugstore shelves for around a dollar a bottle. “Rinsing with [it] can result in whitening benefits such as less bacteria buildup, less inflamed gums, and fresher breath,” says Dr. Sivan Finkel, of NYC’s Dental Parlour.

Fight foot fungus
If you’ve ever been plagued with athlete’s foot, there’s a good chance all the over-the-counter creams and powders haven’t given you a permanent solution. Instead, put hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and spritz your feet all over two to three times per day until the symptoms disappear.Continue Reading …

FREE Redbox Movie Rentals

redbox1Redbox is so easy and fast for our family we just love it and can’t get enough of it when it is free.

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